equivalent temperature

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e·quiv·a·lent tem·per·a·ture

the temperature of a thermally uniform enclosure in which, under still air conditions, a "sizable" black body loses heat at the same rate as in the nonuniform environment.
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Also, the equivalent temperatures at each surface are calculated based on the following equations:
Based on collected field data, the equivalent temperature difference corresponding to actual deformation due to environmental effects were quantified with FE based approach.
The subjective temperature is a kind of equivalent temperature proposed by McIntyre (1976) and this subjective temperature is an index near to a real thermal sensation when the equation is used depending on air velocity.
eq] for Variants With and Without PV Air Supply in Relation to the Whole Surface of the Manikin (Nude Manikin) Winter Conditions Variant Equivalent Temperature [t.
The interaction of the personalized airflow with the thermal plume generated by the manikin had direct effect on the equivalent temperature determined by the manikin.
eq] usually would be negative (the equivalent temperature of the body cooled by a fan would be lower that the temperature without the fan).
35, the equivalent temperature of the hot air and the outlet temperature of the cold air are about the same as the environmental temperature ([T.
Called ICE (Improved Common Electronics), this solid-state design offers performance improvements of two times in noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) or sensitivity, and two to four times improvement in non-uniformity, which significantly enhances picture quality.
Areas of the North were much more resilient and saw no increase in deaths at equivalent temperatures.
In addition, F-CST is said to exhibit faster curing at equivalent temperatures, which constitutes an extra source of productivity increase and cost saving, according to the manufacturer.
Because the sites on opposite sides were separated by only a few kilometers, they experienced equivalent temperatures.
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