equivalent power

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e·quiv·a·lent pow·'er

the power equal to an infinitely thin lens as measured on an optical bench.
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The 3 GW Bismayah facility will support Baghdad and Bismayah and be able to generate the equivalent power needed to supply more than five million Iraqi households.
Located 30 km away from Baghdad within a massive housing development, the plant will be able to generate the equivalent power needed to supply more than 5 million Iraqi households.
6L V6 engine will produce the equivalent power of a production Honeywell turbocharged 16L commercial vehicle engine at a fraction of the size.
At present it costs PS40million a year to keep Longannet connected to the National Grid, while an equivalent power station in the south of England would receive a payment of PS4million.
The landmark project, the 'Green Duba' Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Plant, will be built in the north-western part of Saudi Arabia, along the Red Sea coast, and has the capacity to generate the equivalent power needed to supply approximately 600,000 homes for a year.
Nothing to worry the leaders like Ford's Focus or VW's Golf with equivalent power units, though, but more than adequate for punters wanting decent, all-round performance with low running costs.
6L Engine Provides Equivalent Power of a 16L Commercial Engine
The plant will have a power generating capacity of 26,500 kW (annual electricity generated will provide the equivalent power for roughly 9,000 typical households), and the power generated will be sold to Kyushu Electric Power Co.
In terms of precedent, it has been suggested that because the 1997 referendum to establish a Scottish Parliament had a second question on giving the new body the power to vary income tax by up to 3%, any move to establish an equivalent power in Wales should also lead to a referendum.
However, Gilani failed to follow the pledge of equivalent power cut and step-motherly attitude was being carried out with Punjab, he added.
The hard part is giving you the equivalent power without the complexity of using AWS directly," he added.
8 megawatts of electricity - the equivalent power for 3,000 households.
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