equivalent dose

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e·quiv·a·lent dose

in radiation protection, the absorbed dose averaged over a tissue or organ and weighted for the quality of the type of radiation. The unit of equivalent dose is the sievert.

equivalent dose

Abbreviation: HT
The biologically active dose of radiation. The damage that a particular absorbed radiation dose will have on living cells and tissues.
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Assuming the absorbed gamma dose to be uniformly distributed over the body, the total effective dose would equal the equivalent dose to bone marrow, i.
Thymol had its greatest efficacy against MRSA where zones of inhibition were graphically extrapolated to represent a mean of twenty five times the effectiveness of thymol alone (n=4) compared with extract being sixteen times more effective than the equivalent dose of thymol against S.
For example, a 2006 study showed that a human equivalent dose of 113 mg improved the contractile response of the urinary bladder and prevented oxidative tissue damage.
A far lower human equivalent dose than 1565 milligrams (~360 milligrams) was employed with undisclosed success in a landmark rodent study published in 2006.
Patients taking opioids used a mean morphine equivalent dose of 134 mg/day in the subgroup with vitamin D inadequacy and 70 mg/day in the subgroup with adequate vitamin D.
The mice in the green tea study took just 10% of the equivalent dose normally used for pain and arthritis treatment.
weeks, at a human equivalent dose of approximately 298 mg/kg/day or 97mg/kg/
Plots of preheat temperature as a function of equivalent dose ([D.
Recent shortage in MP necessitated the use of an equivalent dose of dexamethasone in acute COPD exacerbations.
The Holy Grail of this research will be to discover what enzymes are allowing the insects to enjoy these stellar life spans and then find an equivalent dose for human beings.
An equivalent dose is not in itself going to pose a problem to a pregnant woman or to her developing child.

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