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(ē-kwā'tŏr), [TA]
A line encircling a globular body, equidistant at all points from the two poles; the periphery of a plane cutting a sphere at the midpoint of, and at right angles to, its axis.
[Mediev. L. aequator, fr. L. aequo, to make equal]


Etymology: L, aequator, equalizer
an imaginary line encircling a globe, equidistant from the poles, used in anatomical nomenclature to designate such a line on a spherical organ, dividing the surface into two approximately equal parts. Also spelled aequator.


[L. aequator]
A line encircling a round body and equidistant from both poles. equatorial, adjective

equator of cell

The boundary of a plane through which the division of a cell occurs.

equator of crystalline lens

The line that marks the junction of the anterior and posterior surfaces of the crystalline lens. The fibers of the suspensory ligament are attached to it.

equator oculi

An imaginary line encircling the eyeball midway between the anterior and posterior poles.


Imaginary line encircling the eyeball and dividing the eye into a front and back half.
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When the Earth spins, it spins all in a piece, so that a point on the Equator, forced to move a length of 25,000 miles in twenty-four hours, must move a little over 1,000 miles an hour.