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The Court, however, gave no credence to the argument that the equal protection guarantees of the Civil Rights Act are at war with its disparate impact provisions.
In addition to social conservatives, critics of the decision included supporters of gay marriage who worry about the damage done by result-oriented jurisprudence, while I share their concerns, this objection to the equal protection argument for gay marriage no longer seems decisive to me.
Gay rights groups have teamed with other progressive organizations in Washington to pressure senators to ask Roberts about a range of issues, including the constitutional basis for equal protection of gay Americans.
Finally, the plaintiffs' arguments that the incentives were invalid on equal protection grounds were unsuccessful.
If children should ever be allowed equal protection, support to families could be offered earlier and be more preventative.
He was "deeply disappointed" at moves to prevent MPs ensuring children enjoyed equal protection from assault as adults.
Federal Trade Commission, filed in Federal District Court in Colorado (and including the American Teleservices Association as a plaintiff), similar allegations were made concerning the First Amendment and equal protection.
After being convicted for violating the exclusion order, Korematsu (an American of Japanese descent) challenged his conviction on the grounds that, among other things, the order denied him the equal protection of the laws implicit in the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution.
They called for the separation of religion and state, and equal protection for all religious groups.
In January the Democratic Party of Illinois sued election officials statewide, charging that Illinois' voting system violates the equal protection rights of voters.
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