epoxy resin

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1. a solid or semisolid organic substance exuded by plants or by insects feeding on plants, or produced synthetically; they are insoluble in water but mostly soluble in alcohol or ether. adj., adj res´inous.
2. a compound made by condensation or polymerization of low-molecular-weight organic compounds.
acrylic r's products of the polymerization of acrylic or methacrylic acid or their derivatives, used in fabrication of medical prostheses and dental restorations and appliances.
anion exchange resin see ion-exchange resin.
cation exchange resin see ion-exchange resin.
cholestyramine resin a synthetic, strongly basic anion exchange resin in the chloride form which chelates bile salts in the intestine, thus preventing their reabsorption; used as an adjunctive therapy to diet in management of certain hypercholesterolemias and in the symptomatic relief of pruritus associated with bile stasis.
composite resin a synthetic resin, usually acrylic based, to which a high percentage of ceramic reinforcing filler has been added, such as particles of glass or silica coated with a coupling agent to bind them to the matrix; used chiefly in dental restorations. Called also composite.
epoxy resin a tough, chemically resistant, adhesive, flexible, dimensionally stable resin of epoxy polymers; used as denture base material.
ion exchange resin a high-molecular-weight insoluble polymer of simple organic compounds capable of exchanging its attached ions for other ions in the surrounding medium; classified as (a)cation or anion exchange resins, depending on which ions the resin exchanges; and (b) carboxylic, sulfonic, and so on depending on the nature of the active groups.
podophyllum resin a mixture of resins from podophyllum, used as a topical caustic in treatment of laryngeal papillomas, condylomata acuminata, and other epitheliomas.

e·pox·y res·in

any thermosetting resin based on the reactivity of epoxy; used as adhesives, protective coatings, and embedding media for electron microscopy.

e·pox·y res·in

(ē-poksē rezin)
Any thermosetting resin based on the reactivity of epoxy; used as adhesives, protective coatings, and embedding media for electron microscopy.

epoxy resin (ēpok´sē, əpok´sē),

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