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Relating to the epitrochlea.


(ĕp″ī-trŏk′lē-ă) [″ + trochalia, pulley]
The inner condyle of the humerus.
epitrochlear, adjective
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Diagnosis was evidenced by histologic examination of transbronchial lung biopsy in 50 patients, mediastinoscopic biopsy in 9 patients, skin biopsy in 2 patients, axillary and epitrochlear lymph node biopsy in 2 patients, liver and bone-marrow biopsy in 1 patient.
Generalized lymphadenopathy is common, and epitrochlear gland involvement has been described as pathognomonic.
Clinical signs were right axillary lymphadenitis and an inflammatory reddish skin lesion on the right hand with epitrochlear adenopathy, which appeared 2 days before he sought treatment.