An in vitro tissue culture epithelial cell.
[epithelium + G. kytos, cell]
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Gut neuroendocrine cells: relationship to the proliferative activity and apoptosis of mucous epitheliocytes in aging.
Alongside with that there was moderate dystrophy of both superficial-foveolar epitheliocytes and mucous cells with distended nuclei.
Mucosa was characterized by the reduced height of surface epithelium, flattened epitheliocytes in both surface and foveolar epithelium with nuclei displacement in central parts of the cells, and preservation of clear cell boundaries.
Against the general background of PAS-positive secretion produced by the epitheliocytes of superficial-foveolar epithelium, the appearance of alcyanophil secretion overlapping the mucosa in the gaps between single foveae in 3.
In the presence of such characteristics, more expressed structural changes were observed both in an epithelial layer itself, and in the PMP in the form of deformed foveae with flattened epithelium and apically located nuclei of epitheliocytes.
In addition to epitheliocytes, two types of secretory cells occur in the epidermis (Fig.
This work agrees with the opinion of Kostowecki (1938, [14]) which states that Hassall's corpuscles are formed by hypertrophy of epitheliocytes with some degenerative changes occurring to them.
The epithelium covering the channel differs from the crypts epithelium and fibers by the relatively lower height of epitheliocytes and the absence of goblet cells between them.