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5-26 TABLE 15-2 Classification of placentae of several types of mammals based on two criteria Species Gross Morphology Maternal-Fetal Barrier Cattle Cotyledonary Epitheliochorial Sheep Cotyledonary Epitheliochorial Horses Diffuse Epitheliochorial Swine Diffuse Epitheliochorial Dogs Zonary Endotheliochorial Cats Zonary Endotheliochorial Rodents Discoidal Hemochorial Humans Discoidal Hemochorial
The placenta of the pig is termed epitheliochorial.
The sheep placenta is synepitheliochorial, being neither entirely syndesmochorial without uterine LE, nor completely epitheliochorial with apposed trophectoderm and uterine LE as the only anatomical interaction being interdigitated microvilli.