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The study of knowledge and rules of evidence involved. Traditionally a branch of philosophy, it also describes a discipline incorporated in, and in some respects peculiar to, individual fields of scholarship (medicine, science, history, etc.).


The theory, study of, and basis for knowledge; that which investigates the origin, nature, methods, validity and limits of human knowledge.

epistemology (·pisˈ·t·mäˑ·l·jē),

n that branch of philosophy that scrutinizes the nature, foundations, and limits of knowledge.
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Guided by the wellknown virtue epistemologist, Jason Baehr, IVA has developed a core educational philosophy rooted in the intellectual virtue.
64) See ibid at 87-89 (citing numerous epistemologists in support).
Although the term 'feminist epistemology' is often associated with the idea of women's ways of knowing and women's knowledge, as Linda Alcoff and Elizabeth Potter note in Feminist Epistemologies not all feminist epistemologists hold that there are cognitive differences between the sexes.
Finally, a theory of argument should be able to apply to how epistemologists themselves do epistemology, which isn't that they assume their epistemic theories are right in their details, and criticize the arguments of others accordingly.
A second charge, nicely stated by Susan Haack in the lead essay, "Knowledge and Propaganda: Reflections of an Old Feminist," goes like this: Feminist epistemologists would have scientists select facts and theories because they fit a political agenda, not because they fit the data.
Although philosophers and epistemologists did not have a direct communication on this issue with library and information scientists, especially because of the isolated structure of the respective literatures, now we can see in retrospect that the collective character of knowledge had been studied for some time already in both arenas, although this trend in classical epistemology ran underneath the surface and without a proper name.
This interpretation dates back to Stcherbatsky, whose Kantian reading of the Buddhist epistemologists is now largely discredited.
Only the most flamboyant postmodernists and feminist epistemologists still try to topple Charles Darwin from his eminence.
Among Beltway epistemologists this created quite a buzz.
Greco has given epistemologists sufficient reason to explore the different versions of agent reliabilism in further detail.
It is, to use the terminology of epistemologists, a "basic" belief on his part, an "immediate" belief.
The communitarian turn evident in the Reformed epistemologists provides a helpful insight.