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The study of knowledge and rules of evidence involved. Traditionally a branch of philosophy, it also describes a discipline incorporated in, and in some respects peculiar to, individual fields of scholarship (medicine, science, history, etc.).


The theory, study of, and basis for knowledge; that which investigates the origin, nature, methods, validity and limits of human knowledge.

epistemology (·pisˈ·t·mäˑ·l·jē),

n that branch of philosophy that scrutinizes the nature, foundations, and limits of knowledge.
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Neither epistemologists nor psychologists have developed an ordered and comprehensive body of knowledge about intellectual differentiation and the integration of knowledge within a complex social organization.
In recent years, epistemologists have begun to explore what is being called the "value-turn" in epistemology.
Although his poetry would occasionally shake the habit of viewing "the living dog that wags its tail and bites you as the 'canoid patch' of the epistemologist," Stevens inevitably gave in to temptation and floated away from the rough hewn specificity of our lives (Jarrell, 117).
Suppose, for instance, that according to the relevant statistics, an exceptionally high percentage of the spouses of academics interested in epistemology who are the victims of a violent death are murdered by their epistemologist spouse.
An epistemologist has just entered the room and annoyingly asks, "How do you know you weren't hallucinating?
Rahner resists Kant because he reads Kant as an epistemologist who abandons metaphysics, whereas Rahner reinstates metaphysics.
1928), a Chilean biologist and epistemologist, posed slightly more of a challenge, especially as this (presumed) Spanish speaker appeared to have been published in English first.
And he fully deserves our admiration, as an outstanding scientist, a great epistemologist, and a leading fighter for liberty.
Later, as a feminist epistemologist who explores "the authority of experience" and uses "personal histories and social identities" in her teaching and research, Overall painstakingly strives to avoid reinscribing social stereotypes or "fabricating essentialist claims about the nature of the self or about what it means to be a woman or to experience the world as a woman .
As an Objectivist epistemologist and philosopher of mind, I side with Rand on every point of contrast, and consider Hayek's approach fundamentally wrongheaded, as the works of mine I have cited will make clear.
Man with a Movie Camera: From Magician to Epistemologist.
Borrowing ideas introduced by the French epistemologist Gilbert Simondon (1924-1989), we can describe this new sensibility as a reversal of the habitual connotations of Futurist art as a mimetic relation with technology and an apology of the machine.