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having symptom-free periods that alternate with the presence of symptoms.


See episode.


(ep′ĭ-sōd″) [Gr. epeisodion, addition, episode]
One occurrence in a sequence of events.
episodic (ep″ĭ-sod′ik), adjective


sporadic; occurring in episodes. e. falling a paroxymal disorder described in Cavalier King Charles spaniels in which affected dogs, starting at an early age, experience episodes of extensor rigidity, possibly brought on by stress. e. muscular weakness see hyperkalemic periodic paralysis.

Patient discussion about episodic

Q. One of my friend`s son in the manic episode. I have seen people in manic episode to be happy. What could be the reason for their happiness. One of my friend`s son in the manic episode, is generally seen with high euphoria, but often he gets in to different episodes, where he seems to be happy but at the same time aggressive, which is a symptom of depression. Please clarify?

A. Yes Waylon, all bipolar in manic episode are happy for no reasons. All Bipolar with depressions are depressed continuously with aggression and agitation. These two episodes of bipolars are at different poles, but a bipolar with mixed episodes is also found among some. Your friend’s son may also be in the mixed episode where bipolars have mania and depression as well at the same time.

Q. what is this and how it differs during episodes of mania and depression? I have heard of psychotic symptoms, what is this and how it differs during episodes of mania and depression?

A. I believe that psychosis is more common among people who have Bipolar 1. Psychosis develops in manias as Johnson said above, the person believes themselves to be someone, something they are not. They can believe themselves to be rich or invincable. I knew a gentleman once that was arrested at a car dealership because he believed that he had all the money in the world and was insisting that the dealership give him a Dodge Viper and refused to leave the showroom. When the day before he had spent both his and his partners entire paychecks on a bike (leaving no money for bills etc...) Sometime during that day he left the bike lying arund on the street somewhere because he said he had plenty of money and would just go and get another one.
In a depressive state psychosis can manifest in other ways such as believeing in all kinds of conspiracy theories, believing the world is ending... etc...
Essentially the difference between psychosis in mania and depression is that in mania the per

Q. how can these trigger his episodes and what exactly has happened to him? My son is a bipolar patient. We took him to the doctor as his manic episode has started again. This episode was a high one as compared to his previous episodes. Previous episodes used to get triggered due to his work related stress. He keeps himself in routine which makes his life comfortable. Recently he went on a vacation with his colleagues. Once he was back I found his condition was worse and soon his episodes started again. His regular medicines were not of any help. So I took him to the doctor. His medicines were not changed except a new one was added. Doctor had told to reduce on any stress as much as possible. Strictly he has been told to reduce on anything which triggers stress like coffee, tea, high sugar intake, on cigarettes as well. How can these trigger his episodes and what exactly has happened to him?

A. Depending on the type of vacation he took it is possible that he drank a lot of alcohol which interfears with the effectivness of his medications. It is also probable that he did not keep the routine that he is on while on his vacation. If it was a tropical vacationhe could have spent mornings drinking coffee waking up from late nights. There are so many possibilities. Now that he is home he can begin his routine again, take his medications as perscribed and you will see that the episode passes. I hope that for you and your son the episode passes quickly and without too much damage.

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Additionally, complete healing in the maintenance therapy group was experienced long-term by more than half of patients after a median follow-up of 54 weeks, while no patients treated episodically maintained healing.
In some rays the rate of spiracle contractions was episodically recorded.
This is an interesting and witty book, written almost episodically.
He shows the construction of the Fifth Avenue facade as if it had been built all at once rather than episodically over 20 years; two putative installations of pre-Columbian art in rooms that never existed; temporary pavilions never built for the Great Hall and the entrance plaza; and a fictive record of the departure of the Temple of Dendur for Central Park.
However, the interpretation sometimes moves episodically from one theme in Heidegger's Aristotle interpretation to another.
While scourings would have occurred episodically, the corrosion would have proceeded at a regular pace.
The current collection on the whole represents the period late in his writing life, after he had already published his four major books--his study of the nineteenth-century Irish novel and the three big volumes of his Irish historical trilogy--and he was at liberty to turn to somewhat less demanding work, by paying attention, episodically, to some individual writers who interested him.
Perhaps hoping to preempt any such similar criticisms, Roberts (a conservative British historian who writes regularly for The Sunday Telegraph, states outright that his book covering the 20th century histories of essentially the same countries 20th "is a series of snapshots taken rather arbitrarily, episodically and idiosyncratically," although he does belief that certain common themes emerge.
Discussion of privacy and control in the context of the Internet tends to proceed rather episodically.
He succeeds only episodically, which is fitting, as "Mahgonny" is more a series of vignettes than a coherent narrative.
It was probably excavated from fluvial-pond-desiccation deposits that accumulated episodically in a shallow basin immediately behind the cave entrance lip, in a climate that ranged from times of comparative aridity with complete desiccation, to episodes of greater surface wetness, changes attributed to regional climatic fluctuations.