epileptic seizure

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ep·i·lep·tic sei·zure

clinical and/or laboratory manifestations of an epileptic attack.


1. pertaining to or affected with epilepsy.
2. a patient affected with epilepsy.

epileptic seizure
a clonic-tonic convulsion during an epileptic attack.
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One of the important steps of presurgical evaluation is video-EEG monitoring, by which lateralizing and/or localizing features of epileptic seizures could be recorded; thus, it helps in defining the "symptomatogenic zone.
They suggested that the division of epileptic seizures as focal or generalized was pragmatic, and when a more detailed explanation was necessary, the seizure semiology dictionary defining ictal findings that was published by ILAE in 2001 should be used (3).
Ella Hughes died at just 17 of an epileptic seizure in March last year
But in the last 20 years, the strides in neuroimaging have allowed doctors to map the brain and better evaluate where epileptic seizures originate.
But this diagnostic tool has to be used carefully: Not all patients with nonepileptic spells will show a reprise phenomenon, and occasionally a patient who shows a reprise phenomenon will have an epileptic seizure.
AN epileptic seizure is caused by a sudden burst of excess electrical activity in the brain.
He added there was fresh evidence the symptoms Holdsworth described in a 999 call may be consistent with an epileptic seizure.
One person in 20 will have an epileptic seizure during their lives.
WALK THIS WAY,'' says swishy director's assistant Carmen Ghia before shimmying stage left in a motion that is half canter, half epileptic seizure.
The actress stopped, helped the epileptic seizure victim into her Range Rover and drove him to hospital.
A 20 minute epileptic seizure was chemically elicited (using pilocarpine 380mg/kg/ i.
A WOMAN who first had an epileptic seizure when she was five has won a national award in recognition of her work for the UK's largest epilepsy charity.