epileptic seizure

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ep·i·lep·tic sei·zure

clinical and/or laboratory manifestations of an epileptic attack.


1. pertaining to or affected with epilepsy.
2. a patient affected with epilepsy.

epileptic seizure
a clonic-tonic convulsion during an epileptic attack.
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Tawfik told Daily News Egypt, during the conference held by the Epilepsy Division, that in order to avoid the occurrence of epileptic seizures, patients should make sure to avoid head traumas, lack of sleep, and excessive exposure to electromagnetic waves that increase the risk of seizures.
The classification of epileptic seizures and epilepsies is a subject of interest in various medical disciplines (such as neurology pediatric neurology molecular biology and genetics, neurosurgery, pharmacology radiology, histopathology), and each of them requires a different approach in their practice.
Because neuro-inflammation and mossy fiber sprouting play critical roles in epileptogenesis, and IL-1[beta] and BDNF seemly play trigger roles in these events, we suggested that UR and RP may inhibit KA-induced IL-1[beta] and BDNF gene expressions, resulting in the amelioration of epileptic seizure in rats.
e unusual feature of this case is that the defendant was a long-standing suerer from epilepsy who has a history of being violent in the course of and immediately after epileptic seizures.
4,5 Given the low incidence of GG, risk factors for preoperative epileptic seizure and postoperative outcome are still controversial.
Helping health care workers diagnose epileptic seizures could "save precious medical time," he said.
Washington, May 24 ( ANI ): For decades, neurologists have known that a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet can reduce drug resistant epileptic seizures.
The defence relied upon two experts who said an epileptic seizure was most likely to have led to the boy's death.
Dr Squier said: "One certainly can't exclude that as a possibility but In my opinion an epileptic seizure would be far more likely.
New miniature devices designed to be implanted in the brain to predict and prevent epileptic seizures and a nanotech sensor for implantation in the eye to treat glaucoma have been developed by researchers at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind.
Mr Smith said the nurse suffered at least two acute episodes of epileptic seizure and ill health during his employment, between 2002 and 2004.
From free verse to rhyming couplets, poems range in subject matter from the dance of the seasons to recovering from an epileptic seizure to the mystery of what lies beyond death, yet each one takes up no more than one or two pages.