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Its new dual wide disc technology offers 40 per cent increase in epilation speed with 48 precise tweezers which capture long and fine hair easily.
What the box says: A ground-breaking product combining the long-lasting benefits epilation with an exfoliation blade.
Try exfoliating before you epilate - this ensures a smooth and easy epilation process and reduces the chances of in-growing hairs.
The hemline is a potential trip hazard but wearers will no longer have to worry about epilation or pasty pins.
There has been more consumer awareness that our products do epilation with less pain," Shuldman said.
According to the company, only 3% of consumers epilate but, despite this, epilation as a whole has experienced consistent year-on-year growth, up 21.
Another form of epilation involves the use of a waxy mixture which is melted and applied to the skin where the hair is to be removed.
For now, they are offering facials, various forms of massage, manicure and pedicure, epilation, make-overs (which include wardrobe advice), and even traditional shaving at the Masculin Center.
Some courses also do reflexology and aromatherapy, while subjects like epilation are compulsory.
Designed to be used as a multi-purpose beauty tool, the ES-ED90 is equipped with six interchangeable attachments including an epilation head, gentle epilation cap, epilation head for underarm/bikini, shaver head, pedicure buffer and bikini comb.
Although Abileah also said the jury is out as to whether Epilady will become associated with beauty care as well as epilation, the initial reaction is that the brand could work well in this category.