epidemic keratoconjunctivitis

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inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva.
epidemic keratoconjunctivitis a highly infectious form, commonly with regional lymph node involvement, occurring in epidemics; an adenovirus has been repeatedly isolated from affected patients.
phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis a form marked by formation of a phlyctenule (small lesion) at the corneal limbus.
keratoconjunctivitis sic´ca a condition marked by hyperemia of the conjunctiva, thickening and drying of the corneal epithelium, and itching and burning of the eye. Called also dry eye.

ep·i·dem·ic ker·a·to·con·junc·ti·vi·tis

follicular conjunctivitis followed by subepithelial corneal infiltrates; often caused by adenovirus type 8, less commonly by other types.

epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (EKC)

Etymology: Gk, epi, above, demos, the people, keras, horn; L, conjunctivus; Gk, itis, inflammation
an adenovirus infection consisting of an acute, severely painful conjunctivitis followed by keratitis. In the western world, EKC strikes predominantly in selected environments: industry eye clinics, emergency rooms, nursing homes, schools, camps, and child-care centers. The virus is often found on the hands of people with active EKC. Hand-to-eye transmission is felt to be a common method of spread, especially in the medical setting. Swimming pools and schools have been implicated in transmission, and it can spread through inanimate objects. In the eye clinic and emergency room, instruments and contaminated eye drops can transmit the virus. EKC is quite contagious and prone to epidemics that may be quite large. It is treated by lubrication with artificial tears.

ep·i·dem·ic ker·at·o·con·junc·ti·vi·tis

(ep'i-dem'ik ker'ă-tō-kŏn-jŭngk'ti-vī'tis)
Follicular conjunctivitis followed by subepithelial corneal infiltrates; often caused by adenovirus type 8, less commonly also by other types.
Synonym(s): viral keratoconjunctivitis, shipyard conjunctivitis.
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