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Geomedicine The point on the earth’s surface directly above the origin (hypocentre) of an earthquake
Vox populi The term has been widely used to refer to the centre or fulcrum of any situation
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Near Armenia city is Salento town, a small village located at 15 km NNE from the epicentral area of the Armenia earthquake (M6.
The epicentral region is sparsely populated and only minor damage (mainly to older masonry chimneys) occurred, although the earthquake was felt strongly in Prince George, 70 km to the west.
There are few seismic instruments in and around Mississippi, so epicentral locations and depths are poorly const rained.
1 at almost the same epicentral location as the 1995 earthquake.
The amplitudes were normalized for a magnification of the instrument equal to one and an epicentral distance of 40 degrees in order to unify the data.
All the reactors at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant were built according to government-set standards requiring resistance to epicentral earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.
Particularly in the areas of delta fans along the coastal margins near the epicentral regions, much of the damages were caused by liquefaction and associated ground deformations.
Continued investigation into epicentral palaces: Report of the 2001 field season at Caracol, Belize.
Its epicentral region was the same area that had been rocked during the 1971 San Fernando earthquake.
After visiting the epicentral region last year, he concluded that the Latur shock does not fit the pattern observed in other exampies of reservoir triggering.
Steve Eder, was dispatched within one hour of the earthquake and is presently in the epicentral region.
Depositors saw that the government was unable to take any decision in fiscal matters", while the situation of the economy was becoming increasingly problematic, Spyros Episkopou, ex-banker and chief executive officer of Epicentral Consultancy Ltd.