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Geomedicine The point on the earth’s surface directly above the origin (hypocentre) of an earthquake
Vox populi The term has been widely used to refer to the centre or fulcrum of any situation
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The new Prevention Epicenters will focus on projects that:
I believe there is a great opportunity to re-invigorate anchor locations with our Epicenter Collection," said Sheldon Gordon, chairman of Gordon Group.
The soaring, open circular spaces and high ceilings will break from the straight and staid layouts of present-day department stores, and blue LED lights will be used to create a unified and distinctive backdrop to highlight each individual brand's expression within the Epicenter frame.
Examples of health data processed real time through EpiCenter include hospital emergency department registrations, ICD-9 (international classification of disease) codes, patient discharge records, electronic lab reports (ELRs), case management files and microbiology lab tests.
Run Anton run: The consensus in the press box, the 4,420 fans at The Epicenter and the Quakes players and coaches, was that French's seventh-inning triple landed in foul territory down the right-field line.
It was felt stronger because its epicenter was shallow and close to Sofia.
JetHawks RH Patrick Dunham vs TBA; All games at the Epicenter.
Toppozada's group estimates the epicenter and size of quakes described in old documents by comparing the descriptions with well-known modern quakes.
With existing solutions, managing data center equipment entails the integration of several vendors' proprietary solutions with disparate user interfaces and security policies," says Epicenter President Ted Behrens.
The first quake struck at 12:41 am with Sainik Farms as its epicenter and happened at a depth of 10 km.
The epicenter of the tremor was 28 km northwest of Kardzhali, 177 km southeast of the capital Sofia, at a depth of 1 km.
According to him, the epicenter is believed to be 80-85 kms away from Jiri, a hill district north of Kathmandu.