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Distribution patterns of epibionts on the carapace of loggerhead turtles, Caretta caretta.
Santos and Mayoral (2008) indicated that in intertidal and shallow sublittoral environments the hard substrates including skeletons of living and dead organisms as well as rock clasts may be colonised by a diverse array of endobionts (borers) and grazers in addition to suspension feeding epibionts (encrusters) The Arabian Gulf is a semi-enclosed sea 850 km long and 250 km wide connected to the Indian Ocean via the Strait of Hormuz.
First record of the epibiont protozoan Epistylis sp.
A similar investigation was carried out by Utz & Coats (2005) where spatial and temporal patterns of epibiont distribution on copepod populations were studied.
The brachiopods in the Maxville Limestone have a common and varied epibiont fauna present on the shells (Hoare, 2003).
A frequently occurring condition detected here was an extensive secondary infestation of the gills by algae, epibiont protozoans and filamentous bacteria, the presence of which gave rise to lethargy and lack of normal reflex movements in the affected prawns.
Crepidula adunca, one of two northern species that increased in abundance along the transect, is an epibiont on turban snails (Tegula sp.
Accumulated abundance (live and dead individuals) per species of sessile epibiont on artificial substrates at four sampling stations in La Mancha lagoon, Mexico.
Off the coast of Ecuador, 71 epibiont and endobiont taxa were identified on Spondylus crassisquama shells, representing 10 phyla and 2 divisions.