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of, relating to, caused by, or of the nature of an enzyme.


Relating to an enzyme.
Synonym(s): enzymic


, enzymic (en″zĭ-mat′ik) (en-zī′mik)
Pert. to an enzyme.
enzymatically (en″zĭ-mat′i-k(ă-)lē) enzymically (en-zī′mi-k(ă-)lē)



Patient discussion about enzymic

Q. My muscle enzymes are at 355, my DR says normal is 200. She refered me to a Neurologist. What could be wrong? I am experiencing sore legs when I walk, weakness, and sometimes difficulty in swallowing. I am 46 I had a minor heart attack 5 yrs ago with a stent placed in my LAD. I am on Crestor 10mg. my Dr. has adjusted the dosage several times and used other drugs but it doesn't change the results much if at all.

A. Crestor itself may cause elevated muscle enzymes (you probably refer to Creatine Kinase, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creatine_kinase). However, weakness and swallowing problems may raise the suspicion of a disease of the nerves or muscles.

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The templating of polymers into microporous structures is an attractive methodological development because of its potential to enhance a range of applications including enzymic catalysis, membranes, photovoltaic, and electrochemical devices (1).
Spontaneous or enzymic breakdown of the cyanohydrins releases hydrogen cyanide (HCN) which causes cyanide toxicity among populations subsisting on cassava.
he culprit gene - known as WWP2 - is an enzymic bonding agent found inside cancer cells.
In colon cancer, treatment with several chemotherapeutic agents (irinotecan, 5-FU and oxaliplatin) induces Notch1-ICD overexpression by elevating enzymic activity of GS through enhanced expression of presenilin and nicastrin.
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A vertical (pseudo-dominat) pattern of inheritance in the autosomal recessive disease primary hyperoxaluria type I: lack of relationship between genotype, enzymic phenotype and disease severity.
The effects of these ROS are controlled by a system of enzymic and non- enzymic antioxidants.