enzymatic synthesis

en·zy·mat·ic syn·the·sis

synthesis by enzymes. See: biosynthesis.
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Figure 2 shows the percentage yield of the enzymatic synthesis of adipate esters.
LibraGen expects this alliance to bring the company additional openings to provide its services to the fine chemicals, pharmaceutical and cosmetics customers, and to develop and optimize enzymatic synthesis processes for complex molecules.
The remaining contributions are concerned with industrial products and topics addressed by them include biotransformation of aliphatic hydrocarbons and fatty acids, vegetable oil-based biodegradable industrial lubricants, enzymatic synthesis of functional lipids in organic solvent using lipase, and fermentative production of biopolymers and biosurfactants from glycerol-rich biodiesel coproduct stream and soy molasses.
To overcome the complexity and inefficiency of the chemical synthesis of 4-galactosylxylose, we carried out an enzymatic synthesis involving only 1 reaction step (19), which produced a final preparation with high yield, but consisting of a mixture of 2-, 3-, and 4-galactosylxyloses (Fig.
In addition to the parent patent of the original version of the company's proprietary TroVec(TM) ssDNA intracellular expression vector, the international patents include the latest refinement, a single plasmid system for direct enzymatic synthesis of ssDNA (EnzSyn(TM))
Enzymatic Synthesis of Polyaniline and Other Electrically Conductive Polymers (Radolfo Cruz-Silva, Paulina Roman, and Jorge Romero).
The bulk of the papers are presented in sections dealing with synthesis of modified monosaccharides as biological probes and therapeutic agents, new methods for stereoselective O-glycosylation, new strategies fro convergent oligosaccharide synthesis, and chemical and enzymatic synthesis of therapeutically significant complex glycostructures.
4, /PRNewswire/ -- Corporate Overview: Neose Technologies (Nasdaq: NTEC) was formed in 1990 to commercialize a technology for the enzymatic synthesis of carbohydrates developed at the University of Pennsylvania by Dr.
Neose is focused on the enzymatic synthesis of complex carbohydrates, and the discovery, development, and commercialization of complex carbohydrates for nutritional, pharmaceutical, consumer, and industrial uses.
Selective Enzymatic Synthesis of N-Acylated Alkanolamine Emulsifiers
rapid and cost-effective enzymatic synthesis of commercial quantities of