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Contract notice: Exploratory call to know the presence of companies able to provide market neutral enzymatic cleaning and disinfection quality systems or older deconex products.
exploratory call to know the presence of disinfection and neutral enzymatic cleaning quality systems market or older Deconex products indicated for use for automatically disinfected and used by the CSSD ASST~s Big Niguarda Metropolitano.
The enzymatic cleaning solutions help to break down organic materials such as blood and saliva.
Cleaners can be purchased individually or as part of one of the Enzymatic Cleaning Kits.
This system can be wall-mounted or placed on a counter top, and works with existing sinks or cleaning basins, repeatedly injecting enzymatic cleaning solution through the endoscope channels thereby removing bioburden in a consistent and repeatable process.
Designed to quickly and effectively clean blood, tissue, and mucus, Midmark's General Purpose Cleaner, Tartar, and Stain Remover and Enzymatic Cleaning Solution are now available.