environmental temperature

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environmental temperature

the temperature at which an inanimate body of the same shape and size as a given organism will come to equilibrium with its surroundings when placed at the same point in space as the organism. The temperature includes radiative and convective influences on the organism.


the degree of sensible heat or cold, expressed in terms of a specific scale. See also hypothermia, hyperthermia.

absolute temperature
that reckoned from absolute zero (−459.67°F or −273.15°C).
air temperature
the temperature of the surrounding air as measured by a dry-bulb thermometer.
ambient temperature
temperature of the immediate environment.
body temperature
a prime technique for assessing health status of a patient. Always a rectal temperature. Average temperatures above which hyperthermia, pyrexia or fever can be said to occur are listed under pyrexia.
critical temperature
1. that below which a gas may be converted to a liquid by pressure.
2. the environmental temperature at which the body is unable to maintain a constant body temperature and at which heat production must be increased (cold temperatures) or at which heat loss must be increased (high temperatures).
effective temperature
the combination of air temperature, humidity and wind speed. See also temperateness index.
environmental temperature
air temperature.
nonpermissive temperature
one at which a conditional gene mutation is nonfunctional. See also temperature-sensitive mutation.
normal body temperature
that usually registered by a healthy animal. See pyrexia.
permissive temperature
one at which a conditional gene mutation can express its normal function. See also temperature-sensitive mutation.
premortal temperature fall
the sudden fall in body temperature of a previously fevered animal just before death.
rectal temperature
the body temperature as measured by a rectal thermometer which has been in situ and in contact with the mucosa of the rectum with the anal sphincter tightly closed for at least 30 seconds. Alternative equipment is a dipolar electrode in a rectal probe.
temperature stress
exposure to excessively high or low environmental temperature.
windchill temperature
a combination of wind velocity and air temperature. See also effective temperature (above).
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Effect of environmental temperature on muscle protein turnover and heat production in tube-fed broiler chickens.
In all of these researches on sheep and goats, it is explained that these changes, depending on increase or decrease of environmental temperature and TH concentrations, mainly based on the fact that these animals reorganize the secretion of the these hormones with the help of the nerve system due to control their metabolic rates (energy production) and control their body temperatures (Yilmaz 1999; Todini 2007; Elicin 2008; Koluman et al.
The mean and variance of environmental temperature interact to determine physiological tolerance and fitness.
Thus, based on the research studied and the results presented that the period of late afternoon / early evening was the time at which there were higher environmental temperatures and lower relative humidity, it is shown that the practice of exercise for these individuals should be avoided in this period, since the elderly person's difficulty in thermoregulation, ease of dehydration and lower perspiration, associated with higher environmental temperature, can lead to various events including cephalic vascular accidents and respiratory diseases (34,49).
The temperature measurements demonstrate that the examination was carried out within the environmental temperature limits recommended by the applicable standards.
In the proposed architecture, the input to the temperature fuzzy controller is the error difference between the optimized temperature values from the optimizer and the environmental temperature.
The environment can affect the size or number of offspring either directly or indirectly (Kingsolver and Huey, 2008), and recent work has indicated that environmental temperature has a profound direct effect on ectotherm offspring and complex relationships with adult body size and fitness (Angilletta et al.
It was observed that environmental temperature by drying the specimens has slight influence on the contact angle.
The environmental temperature was about 48[degrees]C on that day.
The scientific paper that followed was called "Future algal biofuels: implications of environmental temperature on production strain selection".
28 ( ANI ): Researchers have tried to explain how body temperature rhythms are synchronized while maintaining the ability to adapt to changes in environmental temperature no matter the time of day or night.

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