environmental pollutants

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environmental pollutants,

n.pl the substances and conditions, including noise, that adversely affect the health and well-being of the people within a community.
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Under the bill, a safer-for-children product list shall be made available by the DENR to the general public and relevant government agencies that will advance the public's right to know and prevent unnecessary and involuntary exposure to environmental pollutants.
In contrast, intervention with healthy dietary practices can contribute to health and metabolic stability, thus potentially reducing vulnerability to disease-causing environmental pollutants.
This program should keep environmental pollutants from compromising your health.
Laboratories that monitor environmental pollutants can purchase SRM 1944 from NIST for $362 by calling (301) 975-6776.
Comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of environmental pollutants of concern to human health
The search for safe and efficient methods to remove environmental pollutants is a major impetus in the search for novel biosurfactant-producing and PAH-degrading microorganisms.
OBJECTIVES: Our goal in this commentary is to discuss the recommendation that nutrition should be considered a necessary variable in the study of human disease associated with exposure to environmental pollutants.
Professor George Knox claims prenatal exposure to industrial and environmental pollutants, most likely to have been inhaled by the mother during pregnancy, were probably to blame for the majority of cancers in under-16s.
Researchers have developed and field--tested a new technique that identifies specific soil microbes that can break down environmental pollutants.
The Company's Environmental Diagnostic Solutions (EDS) division provides immunoassay-based tests for the rapid detection of agricultural contaminants and environmental pollutants.
Phytodetectors: plants designed to be highly specific detectors of environmental pollutants
Washington, May 18 (ANI): Exposure to environmental pollutants even for a short period can prompt genes to undergo reprogramming, and thereby increase an individual's risk of developing cancer and other diseases, say Italian scientists.

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