environmental contingencies

environmental contingencies (en·vīˑ·rn·menˈ·tl kn·tinˑ·jn·sēz),

n.pl in behavioral medicine, associations that exist between a particular behavior and a consequence. These associations can be adapted to encourage or discourage certain behaviors.
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The contract is for the provision of research R & D + i "Safe and green port ~, necessary to provide a centralized system to coordinate port security, safety in rail traffic, industrial emergency marine pollution and environmental contingencies.
He has experience in dealing with complex financial transactions including business combinations, revenue recognition, inventory costing and valuation, long-lived asset and intangible asset impairments, pension and postretirement benefit plans, discontinued operations, share-based compensation and legal and environmental contingencies.
This finding indicates that the patients did not adjust their rate of responding based on changes in environmental contingencies (i.
Whilst other species may have specialized in environments that subsequently disappeared - causing their extinction - Homo erectus appears to have been a generalist, able to deal with many climatic and environmental contingencies.
He notes that many in the field are calling for a major (comprehensive, expensive) study involving a large sample of firms and capturing extensive longitudinal data related to HR practice, implementation, leadership, firm strategy, environmental contingencies, etc.
Ayers also added a program to protect the client against environmental contingencies on the land acquisition and development of its stores.
1997) concurrent operants reinforcer assessment (Northup, Fusilier, Swanson, Roane, & Borrero, 1997), and sequential application of medication and environmental contingencies (Gulley, et al.
The fit of data to the matching relation can be used to specify environmental contingencies for problem behavior that may be targeted in preventive and clinical interventions.
One-fourth of the sale proceeds will go toward an account to handle any environmental contingencies that might arise at the project site.
When facing uncertain future events that are critically important to both parties, having a contract structured in conjunction with or depending upon environmental contingencies can pave the way to mutually beneficial cooperation and constitute an efficient and rational way to settle disputes related to environmental impediments (Bazerman/Gillespie 1999).
Treatment objectives are designed to eliminate reinforcing environmental contingencies, thus changing pain behavior and reestablishing well behavior.
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