decompression chamber

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de·com·pres·sion cham·ber

a chamber for exposing organisms to pressures below that of the atmosphere.

decompression chamber

A compartment in which atmospheric pressure can be gradually raised or lowered, used especially in readjusting divers or underwater workers to normal atmospheric pressure or in treating decompression sickness.
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With the largest ISO 17025 accredited environmental chamber laboratory in the world, AQS assists manufacturers in developing and verifying non toxic products through risk management and assessment processes.
Martin Pout, lecturer in Exercise Physiology at the University, said: "The exercise physiology research lab and the environmental chamber will give Teesside the cutting edge for both teaching and research.
DEC is seeking proposals from Darwin Chambers Company certified technicians or other certified service technicians for preventative maintenance services for the environmental chamber HVAC system.
The ChamberCam system combines proven photogrammetry hardware and software with current thermal management technology to provide product engineers the unique ability to accurately measure parts in real time during thermal cycling in an environmental chamber.
VPF(SM) uses a fully enclosed environmental chamber to control the conditions under which the polyurethane foam is produced and allows independent control of foam properties and performance characteristics not normally possible in conventional foam making.
AQS) is home to the largest commercial environmental chamber laboratory offering more than 60 state-of-the-art chambers ranging from room-sized to small.
An Applied Test Systems (ATS) direct tension tester (DAT) provided with an Electronic instrument Research laser extensometer Model LET-01 and an ATS environmental chamber were used to perform this test.
Presolicitation: Providing of Environmental chamber
microtiter stage for ix-71 deltavision, rewk kit environmental chamber for ix71-compatible microtiter opaque, utiter co2 upgrade kit.
In this case, the cover assembly is mounted onto a test fixture and placed in an environmental chamber.
Some take place in the world's only environmental chamber to simulate real-world climactic impact on the "system" of digital printer, toner and media.
Limited Tenders are invited for Environmental Chamber

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