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Prior to the autumn of 2010, the role of the theater entomologist had historically been filled as an additional duty by the CMA entomologist.
His growing expertise led to his appointment to the newly established position of entomologist for the State of Missouri in 1868.
Entomologist Touhid Uddin Ahmed, the now-retired principal scientific officer of the Bangladesh Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control, and Research, points out, "Most importantly, the aerial spraying would not reach most of the mosquito breeding sites inside the city.
We have to brush ourselves down after we've been in the field," says Carol Cheah, entomologist with the Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station (CEAS).
Kirk Godfrey, President of Hedley Pacific, said, "We are pleased by these outstanding test results achieved under the supervision of an expert entomologist.
Xiao in Florida Entomologist, 96(3): 1183-1185 in the lower right column of page 1183 the equation should appear as follows:
Entomologist of Agriculture Department, Muhammad Shahbaz, briefed about the dengue virus, growth, control, different stages of dengue larva and its eradication by adopting mechanical, biological and chemical measures.
Brian Fisher, Entomologist, California Academy of Sciences
The problem, observes this entomologist who for 20 years ran a pest-control company, is convincing exterminators to invest in costly technologies.
The extremely delicate wings are made of a thin layer of a substance called chitin (KITE-in) and a system of veins," says entomologist (bug expert) Paul Opler, with the U.
As city crews set traps in San Fernando Valley eucalyptus trees to capture a destructive pest, a Berkeley entomologist is racing toward a cure for the infestation.
entomologist at the Harvard School of Public Health.