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a definable system which produces a commodity or groups of related commodities. On a farm there may be only one or several, e.g. grass seed production, lamb production, fat sheep sales, wool production, wheat production.

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Q. I am looking for an Enterprise-wide Hospital Management Software to run a tertiary level of care Hospital. The software should be an ERP taking into account all the hospital's operation from reception to admission, tranfer, to discharge, including facility management, account department operations to house keeping and Human Resources Management

A. Not really my field, but googling would give you plenty of results, and this one (http://www.business.com/directory/health_care/facilities_and_health_systems/facilities_management/) might be a good place to start your search.

Also, here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_open_source_healthcare_software) you can find a list of open source healthcare software you may find usefull.


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Enterprise Architecture and Standardization - Realities and Value
Further, the summit has granted Dubai Customs another international award in the field of excellence in Enterprise Architecture granted by Open Group in San Francisco, USA which brings together IT importers and users from across the world in order to exchange IT expertise and knowledge and set and review Enterprise Architecture standards.
Lead by the ADJD IT Bureau, the project witnessed significant integration between IT best practices, namely Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance, IT Service Management, Software Development Lifecycle and Service Oriented Architecture all in alignment with the business strategy of the organisation.
The term enterprise architecture lacks a universally accepted definition.
The teams also will ensure a measure of shared technical experience, a common understanding of the strengths and weakness of enterprise architecture, team cohesion, and a shared vocabulary.
Just as object-based programming forever changed the software development world more than a decade ago, OSD promises similar achievements for enterprise architectures.
Zachman, the creator of the Zachman Framework[TM], considered the father of Enterprise Architecture and author of numerous EA publications.
16 for Enterprise Architecture work in support of the expanded Distribution Process Owner mission.
com)-- Avolution, leader in enterprise modelling and metrics-based analysis, is to sponsor the Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit “Architecting the Digital Business Ecosystem”, this year taking place at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge on May 20-21.

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