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The pathologist indicated that these findings were consistent with a diagnosis of enterotoxemia.
sporogenes Gas gangrene in humans and animals; Subterminal enterotoxemia in rabbits Cl.
perfringens type C in only some intestinal segments, leading to lesions and enterotoxemia despite a lack of the microorganism in the content of some segments (SONGER, 1996; DIAB et al.
Three weeks before the weaning process begins, vaccinate for the second time with enterotoxemia type D.
Most of animals were vaccinated for foot and mouth disease and enterotoxemia but no other vaccine was in practice.
The falcons died between 1 and 2 days after presentation, and clostridial enterotoxemia was confirmed by isolation of pure colonies of Clostridium perfringens from the intestinal lesions and from ELISA detection of alpha toxin in fecal samples.
La enterotoxemia, la diarrea neonatal, los procesos respiratorios agudos y las septicemias son las enfermedades infecciosas mas frecuentes que causan mayor mortalidad en las crias de CSA.
Diagnosis of enteritis and enterotoxemia due to Clostridium difficile in captive ostriches (Struthio camelus).
Clostridium is most commonly implicated in cases of bacterial enterotoxemia.
A gradual transition to the finishing diet will help prevent problems such as acidosis, enterotoxemia, and diarrhea.