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 [en″ter-o-kok´us] (pl. enterococ´ci) (Gr.)
an organism belonging to the genus Enterococcus.


[en′terokok′us] pl. enterococci
Etymology: Gk, enteron + kokkos, berry
a genus of gram-positive, facultatively anaerobic bacteria of the family Streptococcaceae, formerly classified in the genus Streptococcus. E. faecalis and E. faecium are normal inhabitants of the human intestinal tract that occasionally cause urinary tract infections, infective endocarditis, bacteremia, and life-threatening nosocomial infections (vancomycin-resistant enterococci infection). E. avium is found primarily in the feces of chickens and may be associated with appendicitis, otitis, and brain abscesses in humans.


bacteria in the genus Enterococcus.
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The newly discovered toxin does raise some concern that botulinum toxin could turn up in antibiotic-resistant enterococci, perhaps stemming from gene transfer in the gut of an animal harboring both C.
In our study, the C119D substitution had only minimal effect on vancomycin-resistant enterococci MurA activity.
Two isolates were vanA-gene-positive (MIC: 16 mg/ mL) enterococci strains.
These are now targets for our research to design new types of antibiotics and disinfectants that specifically eliminate enterococci, to remove them as threats to hospitalized patients.
In the present pilot study, a total of 50 strains of Enterococci were isolated from different clinical samples.
The fecal samples were removed directly from the rectum with sterile swabs and placed into tubes containing Amies transport medium without charcoal (Copan Diagnostics, USA) and transported to the microbiology laboratory for the detection of ampicillin-resistant enterococci.
The intrinsic resistance of enterococci to many antibiotics complicates therapy and the increasing occurrence of acquired resistance aggravates the treatment problems.
Ntrageneric relationships of enterococci as detrmined by reverse transcriptase sequencing of small-subunit rRNA.
Occurrence of Antibiotic Resistant Enterococci in Clinical Specimens from a Pediatric Hospital.
In-vitro drug-susceptibility tests of enterococci isolated were performed on Mueller Hinton agar.