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entelechy (en·te′·l·kē),

n the fulfillment of all possible capabilities in a biological system. Homeopathic remedies are believed to encourage entelechy in human beings.
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Husserl, by equating this modernist form of universal science with philosophy, reveals that he had in mind a very different entelechy than that of the classical Greek thinkers, one redirected by Cartesianism.
Barrington Moore's qualifications enhance Mannheim's formulation of a new generation entelechy by spelling out the conditions necessary for resistance and for the definition of a new style.
cannot imagine an entelechy unfolding in isolation from
Both the idea and the terminology of the Spirit of Christ as entelechy come from Karl Rahner's late article, "Jesus Christ in the Non-Christian Religions.
He says that the human soul is "the first entelechy of a natural body possessing organs (kamal awwal li jism tabi'i 'ali) insofar as it acts by rational choice and rational deduction, and insofar as it perceives universals.
Increasingly removed, as a dead metaphor, from its context in the life sciences, it has come to signify a whole greater than the sum of its parts which is totalitarian with respect to these subaltern parts, as well as a self-developing entity whose unfolding through a kind of entelechy confers a certain inevitability on the manner of its growth.
According to Aristotle's entelechy, on the other hand, an object already holds within itself the seeds of what it become, and only other objects can hinder the reaching of this goal--this is the extent of Aristotelian dynamics.
Who in India, writing about sex, does not routinely invoke its mystic entelechy as a shortcut to the divine?
Perhaps they believed (as I do) that it is a greater impiety to alter the nature of the Law [of Christian Dispensation] to make great harm come from it than it is to treat the Law as a fable [Boccaccio's sense of "fabula," in De Genealogia Deorum: Christ is the Law, or entelechy, of The Christian Myth] within the critical framework of hermeneutics, and thus to derive some great remedy from it.
With the release of the vSTAC VDI R2, there can be no doubt that Pivot3 has dispelled the myth that VDI cannot compete for cost with conventional desktop PCs," commented Simon Bramfitt, founder and principle analyst at Entelechy Associates.
Barry Goldberg is the founder of Entelechy Partners, an executive coaching firm, and a Vistage chair.