enrolled nurse

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en·rolled nurse

(en-rōld' nŭrs)
A second-level nurse who provides patient care under the direction of a registered nurse; in Canada, this title is graduate nurse.
Synonym(s): auxiliary nurse.
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I genuinely thought there would be no role for me in the NHS because I was an enrolled nurse.
Now they are only trained to be registered nurses, but thousands of enrolled nurses are blocked from any career path, since only registered nurses can specialise or take a further degree.
For too long, Enrolled Nurses have been content to wait to be informed about what is happening.
Enrolled Nurses Forum--1 Day Target group: all enrolled nurses * Friday 4 November 2011, NSWNA, Waterloo Members $30 Non Members $50
Health Minister Mr Alan Milburn said pounds 50million would be spent on measures including retraining enrolled nurses and healthcare assistants.
The company is looking for people to take on a variety of roles, including registered general nurses, enrolled nurses, care assistants, catering and domestic staff.
In 2011, an expanded scope of practice for enrolled nurses (ENs) was introduced, including mental health, medical-surgical and rehabilitative nursing.
The enrolled nurses claim their grading should have moved from grade D to the higher paid grade E.
NURSE PRACTITIONERS, registered and enrolled nurses, and midwives are among a range of new health professional groups now permitted to verify death.
At one point the panel chair, who's supposed to be independent, asked hospital management if our appeal was upheld would it "open the floodgates" for other enrolled nurses on night duty.
The report's authors attributed some of the increase to enrolled nurses upgrading their qualifications.
How are Enrolled Nurses expected to achieve the requirements of national registration if there are continuing difficulties upgrading education?