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an increase in size; see also hypertrophy.
image enlargement an increase in the size of an x-ray image that is affected by the focal film distance as well as the object film distance.


(en-larj'ment), [TA]
1. An increase in size; an anatomic swelling or prominence.
2. An intumescence or swelling.
Synonym(s): intumescentia [TA], intumescence (1)


(en-lahrj'mĕnt) [TA]
1. An increase in size; an anatomic swelling or prominence.
2. An intumescence or swelling.
Synonym(s): intumescence (1) , intumescentia.


Term commonly used in low vision practice to refer to an increase in the size of the retinal image seen by the patient. It can be expressed as the enlargement ratio (ER). See lateral magnification; equivalent viewing power.


(en-lahrj'mĕnt) [TA]
An increase in size; anatomic swelling or prominence.


n an increase in size.
enlargement, Dilantin,
enlargement, idiopathic,
n gingival enlargement, of unknown causation, clinically characterized by a firm, rounded thickening of the attached gingival tissues and histologically characterized by connective tissue hyperplasia.
n a swelling of the parotid glands observed most frequently in those with anorexia and bulimia.

Patient discussion about enlargement

Q. is it possible to enlarge my penis?

A. sexual organs come in all sizes,if you were born with i small organ thats the way it is,it dont matter how big or small it is -it how you use it---mrfoot56

Q. Why does Aortic stenosis causes an enlarged heart? My father was recently diagnosed as suffering from enlarged heart due to his Aortic stenosis. what is the connection between those to conditions? As far as I understand that aortic stenosis mean that the aortic valve is too small not too large...

A. there are several explanations for the enlargement of the heart that occurs due to Aortic stenosis. the most reasonable is that the mechanical power that the heart uses makes it bigger. it easy to see it here: http://www.marvistavet.com/assets/images/aortic_stenosis.gif
this is called Left Ventricular Hypertrophy or LVH in abbreviations.
this is a classic LVH E.C.G.

Q. Can gastric problems cause your heart to be enlarged? I am eighteen and my left side of my heart and lung is enlarged. I have done multiple tests to understand why they are enlarged my tests revealed no information, I do not even have asthma. My doctor suggested that I just need to hydrate alot. I have gastric problems everytime I eat even if it is little. Does my gastric problems such a "bubbly feeling" in my stomach and heart burn is affecting my heart size?

A. HI--i am not a DR put because i worked in a hosp as a therapist--the digestive system an the circulatory system are not connected. I suggest to you to change your diet(the things you eat-like pizza an other spicie foods-thy to eat 4hrs before you lay down-eat smaller portions-some times common sence about what you eat will do the trick---good luck-mrfoot56.

More discussions about enlargement
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The United States of America is planning to hold a large conference in Washington DC at which the support for the idea of enlargement at the NATO summit to be held in Great Britain in September will be considered, MIA's Washington-based correspondent Cvetin Cilimanov reports.
Today sees the launch of the fourth and final set of calls for evidence in the review process covering topics from Economic and Monetary policy to Information Rights; Education to Enlargement.
The juxtaposition of EU enlargements of different years indicates that each of the enlargements could, to a larger extent, be explained within a certain theoretical framework, the tools of which would be present better explanatory mechanisms for the analysis of EU enlargement.
Results: Among 26 patients with moderate mitral regurgitation, cardiac enlargement was found in 4 (15%) patients on chest radiography, and in 7 (27%) patients on echocardiography.
A vertical enlargement can sometimes be done even while a building is occupied.
The days of bra-busting breast enlargements seem to be coming to an end.
They had just finished working in their favorite cove, the drawings and manuscripts space, tracing enlargements from Jan van Kessel II's mid- 17th-century ink and watercolor ``Butterflies, Insects and Currants'' on a light table with colored pencils.
If one wants to observe the processes of enlargement in a more analytical way, bearing in mind not only the symbolic features, but also the real course and its political consequences, it would be better to speak of the four completed enlargements.
Compared to preceding enlargements, the next round of enlargement will thus be less significant in economic terms.
Part I describes the previous four enlargements of the European Community/European Union (summarised as EU in the following).
It is time to take a hard look at the process of future enlargements.
All too often they surrender their rights to photograph and make colorful enlargements to celebrate the events of their lives.