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To enclose within a fold, as in "infolding" an ulcer of the stomach, in which the walls on either side of the lesion are brought together and sutured.
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The Gecko has angled gates that enfold and grip like the legs of its namesake the gecko.
based company has introduced ENFOLD Specialty Bread Bags.
Overall, the Segregation Wall in the Bethlehem Governorate will end up amputating some 159,793 dunums of landsbehind the Wall, and threatens crucial supply areas containing artesian wells and main water basins that provide Bethlehem Governorate with water as the path of the Wall is designed to enfold the groundwater locations withinBethlehem.
The woman had initially approached the NGO Enfold India for counselling as she was in trauma, having been unable to bear her husband's behaviour with their daughter.
Summary: In northwest Myanmar, where the Kaladan River flows out into the Bay of Bengal, the two giant arms of a half-built wharf enfold the estuarine mud with steel and concrete.
SAFE KEEPING We all have a guardian angel To keep us safe from harm To see us safely through the day Til darkness sleep and calm A beautiful secret shadow No-one can see or touch With gossamer wings outstretched To enfold us when they must.
and stand by turns), to enfold You with my humility (although
Jean will show you how to utilize Illustrator to start your 3D projects using both Strata Design 3D and Strata Enfold 3D.
As a style, a sentiment, and an idea of how small-town America ought to look, railroad culture is hard to top--something worth remembering as the tentacles of Vice President Joe Biden's high-speed colossus enfold an unwilling nation.
The raw material for a new pavilion in America, designed by Japanese architects SANAA (Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa), was made in Germany, fabricated into large panels in China and assembled on site to enfold a startlingly transparent, billowing curtain around new spaces alongside Toledo's neo-classical Museum of Art in Ohio, p66.
Enfold Systems, Austin, Texas, the premier provider of Windows integrated open source content management solutions, is using Journyx Timesheet software to track the investment in its open source software (OSS) while balancing the growth of the company.