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enfleurage (nˑ·fl·räj),

n a labor-intensive method for extracting essential oils from plant material in which glass plates coated with thin layers of fat are used over which plant material is spread in layers so that the essential oil is absorbed into the fat. The saturated fat is washed with hexane to dissolve the essential oil.
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Using the ancient technique of Enfleurage, the essence of these flowers is absorbed by a layer of vegetable fat, requiring reapplication of fresh flowers over many days.
Jasmin (Jasminum grandflorum) Yasmeen: Dubbed the "King of Flowers," the essential oil was prepared by the pharaohs in a process now termed Enfleurage that extracts the jasmin oil without the use of synthetic solvents.
Monoi de Tahiti is extracted by an enfleurage process in which buds are soaked in local refined coconut oil and then filtered.
Five thousand years ago they were already using the method of enfleurage -- a means of extracting essential oils from flower petals by the use of fats -- that is still in use today", Ms Wells pointed out.