energy of activation

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en·er·gy of ac·ti·va·tion (Ea),

energy that must be added to that already possessed by a molecule or molecules in order to initiate a reaction; usually expressed in the Arrhenius equation relating a rate constant to absolute temperature.
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The change of the free energy of activation in the components combustion was calculated on the basis of the Avrami conversion theory.
The free energy of activation expresses the ease or complexity of a reaction.
2]/HDPE phase promoted step growth in the horizontal flow energy of activation ([E.
2]/[omega] and the flow energy of activation (using the time-temperature superposition) were determined for all polymers listed in Tables 1 and 2.
This observation also leads to a stress-dependent flow energy of activation.
Similarly, Mavridis and Schroff (4) interpreted the vertical shift in terms of a vertical flow energy of activation using an Arrhenius type equation as follows:
Figure 7 gives the plot of [Phi] versus the free energy of activation for the fully cured network.
What is being added is free energy of activation [G.