energy metabolism

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en·er·gy me·tab·o·lism

metabolic reactions that release or provide energy.
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Vionica has been tested and proven to provide a boost of essential mineral complexes and two non-essential organic nutrients, increasing aerobic energy metabolism and resulting in better performance in the pool of female runners that have trialed the product.
Mapping a cell's Energy Phenotype provides an easy-to-understand view of the role of energy metabolism, allowing researchers to create a complete picture of the disease or function of interest in a single, less-than-one-hour test.
Estrogen is crucial in maintaining the brain's energy metabolism.
The weight-loss program is specifically designed to change how people react to different foods, and our study shows those who participated in it had an increased desire for healthier foods along with a decreased preference for unhealthy foods, the combined effects of which are probably critical for sustainable weight control," indicates Sai Krupa Das of the Energy Metabolism Laboratory and assistant professor at the School of Nutrition Science and Policy.
Microdialysis allows online monitoring of the extracellular environment and, in particular, bedside monitoring of the substrates of cerebral energy metabolism.
Diversity of metabolic patterns in human brain tumors, enzymes of energy metabolism and related metabolites and cofactors.
Most interesting is the realization that lactate may have a key role in energy metabolism and cellular signaling crossing over into hormonelike action.
Coverage includes an historical overview of knowledge management and mathematical modeling in biology, the basic biological cellular network concepts in the context of cellular functioning, explanation of the Edinburgh Pathway Editor (EPE) software package for pathway visualization and illustration, construction and verification of kinetic models, the main features and user interface of DBSolve, modeling of individual enzymes and transporters, pathways kinetic modeling, modeling of mitochondrial energy metabolism, and application of the kinetic modeling approach to biotechnology and biomedicine.
ISLAMABAD, December 16, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Sleep debt or chronic partial sleep deprivation from poor quality sleep has been shown to have a detrimental effect on overall energy metabolism in the body.
Biotin promotes carbohydrate, fat and energy metabolism, which improves hair, skin and nails.
Carnipure is high quality L-carnitine, a nutrient that's essential for energy metabolism.
The newly-identified receptor protein ERRalpha controls genes involved in energy metabolism.

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