energy conservation

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energy conservation1

a principle that energy cannot be created or destroyed although it can be changed from one form into another, as when heat energy is converted to light energy. It is now superseded by the special relativity equation E = mc2, but it is still applicable to chemical changes.

energy conservation2

a nursing outcome from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) defined as personal actions to manage energy for initiating and sustaining activity. See also Nursing Outcomes Classification.

energy conservation

In rehabilitation, a process for managing fatigue by prioritizing goals and time use, simplifying tasks, and organizing the environment to make necessary work more efficient.
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China Energy Conservation Service Industry Report, 2015 mainly covers the following: Overview of energy conservation service industry, including definition, business model, EMC comparison between China and the US, PPP mode, etc.
He said government should launch massive awareness campaigns on energy conservation for general public using all media options that would change the attitudes and lifestyles of people to conserve more energy.
These awards are given for the strong and innovative efforts of the award winners in enhancing their energy performance and also raises awareness about energy conservation opportunities that can enhance productivity, bring down energy bills, reduce energy import dependence and mitigate global warming.
A Total of 87 awardees out of 773 applications were selected for the National Energy Conservation Awards 2012.
Premier Wen has mentioned in the government reports that China will promote an energy conservation and environmental protection oriented, and civilized production and consumption model, and strive to build a resource conservation-orientated and environmentally-friendly society.
South Wales Police's new Environment and Energy Conservation Unit will keep sustainability high on the agenda as they meet the challenges of budget cuts
Some progress is being made; however, energy conservation is not yet viewed as a critical need.
The House bill also fails to provide energy conservation measures--key elements for any good energy policy.
Energy conservation was pitched in the 1970s on the premise that nature would run out of oil, gas and coal - as early as the year 2000.
A new CD product available from Building Officials and Code Administrators (BOCA) provides design professionals and code officials with the most contemporary energy conservation codes and the U.
In their paper on energy conservation in foundries (032), India's R.
Energy conservation is our cheapest supply option, so the time to act is NOW.

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