endurance training

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en·dur·ance train·ing

(en-dūr'ăns trān'ing)
Athletic activity that focused on aerobic performance (e.g., running marathons).

endurance training

Physical training for athletic events requiring prolonged effort, such as running a marathon, swimming a long distance, or climbing mountains.

Patient care

Patients who participate in endurance sports are likely to lose weight and improve their well-being, and blood glucose and cholesterol levels. It is wise to initiate training slowly, avoid overuse injuries, and gradually increase workload.


Patients who have diabetes mellitus, joint disease, a history of smoking or chronic respiratory illnesses, atherosclerotic vascular disease, loss of consciousness or seizures, or complicated medical regimens should consult with health care professionals before beginning endurance training.
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endurance training

prolonged training at relatively low intensity, aimed at enhancement of cardiorespiratory function, together with aerobic capacity of the exercised muscles.
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Washington, May 10 ( ANI ): A new study suggests that 40 is not too old to start endurance training.
Respiratory muscle endurance training improves the ventilatory function parameters, chest expansion, respiratory muscle strength and endurance.
Considering the importance of resistance and endurance training in soccer and the lack of research that would extensively study the benefits of this type of training, an attempt was made to examine the effect of 8 weeks resistance training with submaximal intensity on muscle fitness of 16-18 years old male soccer players.
For this study, we designed an exercise plan for patients that featured traditional endurance training and concurrent resistance training, from workout session 1 through completion of cardiac rehabilitation.
They will take your players' hearts and lungs to far greater intensities than those found in jogging or traditional types of endurance training.
I've been waiting for this race for so long,'' said Pedersen, who spent the summer emphasizing endurance training over racing.
Ian is coming along well with the endurance training he's doing now, but you never can tell with hamstrings until he starts sprinting,' the Villa boss said.
Accelerade and The Active Network (Active) teamed up this fall to produce 23 endurance training video podcasts conducted by six-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion, Dave Scott.
Team Lifeline is the endurance training program that helps people of all fitness levels and experience get ready to run, walk, or cycle on behalf of the children of Chai Lifeline.
Marathon runners and triathletes take note: endurance training may make it more likely you'll need a pacemaker later in life.
Christoph Handschin has discovered that such endurance training not only affects the condition of the muscles but also the upstream synaptic neuronal connections in a muscle-dependent manner.
More specifically, topics addressed include the physiology of young male and female athletes (considered separately), nutrition, endurance training, high-intensity and resistance training, overtraining, exercise testing, temperature regulation, environmental factors prevention of sudden cardiac death, and the etiology and prevention of injuries.