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the ability to sustain an activity over a period of time.


the ability to continue an activity despite increasing physical or psychological stress, as in the effort to perform additional numbers of muscle contractions before the onset of fatigue. Although endurance and strength are different qualities, weaker muscles tend to have less endurance than do strong muscles.


a nursing outcome from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) defined as the capacity to sustain activity. See also Nursing Outcomes Classification.
The ability to sustain a physical activity, perform repetitive submaximal contractions, or exert a force for a prolonged period
Types Aerobic endurance—the basis of all forms of endurance—anaerobic endurance, speed endurance, strength endurance


The ability to continue performing a given task over a prolonged period of time Sports medicine 'The ability to perform repetitive submaximal contractions', often understood to occur after a long period of time. Cf Eccentric contraction.


Ability of muscle (e.g., cardiac or skeletal) and the musculoskeletal system to sustain a force, or generate a force repeatedly over time.


The time limit of a person's ability to maintain either a specific force or power involving muscular contractions.
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in general, the ability to perform physical work for a long time; quantitatively, the maximum duration for which an individual can sustain a specific activity, preferably also at a specified intensity. Used in isolation, the word usually implies whole-body endurance, considered in terms of many minutes or hours (long-term endurance) which is principally limited by cardiovascular fitness and muscle glycogen storage. local muscular endurance the ability of specific muscles to maintain power output or tension, influenced by similar factors but with local vascularity predominating over central cardiorespiratory performance. anaerobic endurance syn short-term endurance the ability to sustain whole-body work at 'supramaximal' intensity (i.e. above O2max), measured in terms of tens of seconds.

Patient discussion about endurance

Q. Does anyone have tips to increase on my cardio endurance levels, like by supplementation? Does anyone have tips to increase on my cardio endurance levels, like by supplementation? I am regular with my exercise and good diet….

A. Your cardio is different and has no role and connection with endurance. The more you become stronger with exercises like aerobic and anaerobic the stronger your muscles, joints and your heart. Please, no extra supplementation is required and only balanced diet. You can increase on workout timing as endurance has a link with increased timing which it will give to your body and heart as well.

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