endotendon, endotenon

fine connective tissue between the strands in a tendon.
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The endotenon and epitenon, which surrounds the type I collagen, primarily consists of type III collagen.
The fascicles are a collection of collagen fibrils surrounded by an endotenon.
Varias de estas fibras se unen para formar unidades subfasciculares de 100-250 micrometros de diametro, cada una de ellas rodeada por una banda delgada de tejido conectivo laxo, el endotenon.
As for flexor tendon tissue engineering, epitenon and endotenon cells are logical candidates.
5 percent collagenase to release endotenon tenocytes, which were similarly plated and cultured in Ham's F-12 medium.
6] epitenon or endotenon cells was used to reseed each 1.
Endotenon cells were treated with Vybrant[R] CM-Dil (chloromethylbenzamido) cell labeling solution (Molecular Probes V-22888).
Slides were examined for localization of epitenon cells on the tendon surface and endotenon cells in the core of the tendon by the color pattern green versus red.
Scaffolds reseeded with endotenon cells showed initial clumping of cells on the outer surface of the scaffolds at 1 week.
Both epitenon and endotenon cells were successfully labeled with green and red fluorescent markers, respectively.
Theoretically, engineering of a tendon construct with both endotenon and epitenon cells would yield improved results.
9) Tendons are devoid of neural elements; however, unmyelinated axons in the paratenon and endotenon modulate pain and immune responses.