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Roozen, Irene, and Christel Claeys (2010), "The Relative Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsement for Print Advertisement," Review of Business and Economics 55(1): 76-89.
IMA's endorsement recognizes curricula that align with that level of expectation.
You may not realize it, but you have some options when dealing with endorsements on LinkedIn:
Bush, who won 59 percent of newspaper endorsements during his 2000 campaign.
The Star offers a presidential endorsement, as well as "some" local school board, local city mayoral and tax issues, but most are statewide ballot issues.
To provide a sense of the magnitude of endorsement effects, Knight and Chiang feature a data table that shows the estimated influence in the top 20 newspapers during the 2000 presidential campaign.
This endorsement does not apply to violations resulting in criminal indictment or arising out of a criminal act, violations covered by other sections of the policy, or the expenses of those insured while participating in compliance reviews, audits or inspections.
Additional Insured--Building Owner (BP 12 31)--This endorsement adds a building owner as an additional insured but only with respect to the property coverage provided by this insurance for direct physical loss or damage to the building(s) described in the schedule.
Not all newspapers have published their endorsements, and some have no plans to endorse.
By attachment of the Riot And Strike Endorsement with the Fire Insurance Policy, it is thereby agreed and declared, in-between Insurers and the Insureds, that Insurance under the same Policy shall extend to cover Loss or Damage consequent upon Riot And Strike to include the following, which, however, shall also be subject to Special Conditions contained in the Riot And Strike Endorsement: -
Our key variables come from the daily trading prices of the contract "Obama to win the election" from the prediction market site Intrade, combined with newspaper endorsement dates from "The American Presidency Project.
She recommends acknowledging the endorsement with a thank-you message, but don't feel the need to reciprocate.