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Giant cell myocarditis is most commonly diagnosed via endomyocardial biopsy (52%), evaluation of the heart at autopsy (23%) or explantation (21%), or via examination of apical wedge sections removed at the time of ventricular assist device placement (4%).
Diagnostic endomyocardial biopsy - still useful after all these years.
A 46-year-old man, cardiac allograft recipient, underwent endomyocardial biopsy for the surveillance of antibody mediated rejection.
The opportunity to perform an endomyocardial biopsy, for medical and administrative reasons, implies a very wide range of microbiological isolates ranging from 0 to 100% of cases.
In addition, if endomyocardial biopsy demonstrates non-specific interstitial fibrosis, it may be used as substitute for any of the latter three criteria.
Myocarditis mimicking acute myocardial infarction: role of endomyocardial biopsy in the differential diagnosis.
Tissue characterisation of wall Major Minor * Residual myocytes <60% by * Residual myocytes 60% to 75% morphometric analysis, (or <50% if by morphometric analysis, (or estimated), with fibrous replacement 50%, to 65% if estimated), with of the RV free wall myocardium in fibrous replacement of the RV [greater than or equal to]1 sample, free wall with or without fatty replacement of tissue on endomyocardial biopsy myocardium in [greater than or equal to]1 sample, with or without fatty replacement of tissue on endomyocardial biopsy III.
Written by cardiologists and other physicians from the US and Europe, each chapter is organized around a question, which relates to the use of digoxin, cell therapy, pulmonary hypertension, pharmacogenics and pharmacogenetics, anticoagulation, oral and intravenous vasodilators, fluid overload and cardiorenal syndrome, endomyocardial biopsy, exercise training, the effects of metabolic syndrome, obesity, revascularization in asymptomatic patients, blood based biomarkers, atrial fibrillation, nutraceuticals, and statins.
According to Argon executives, the acquisition of the critical care and extended dwell catheter product platforms helps to strengthen its line of vascular access devices by joining Argon's other products, including its Cleaner Rotational Thrombectomy System, JAWZ Endomyocardial Biopsy Forceps, pressure transducers, high-pressure manifolds and vascular introducer kits.
Regarding rejection of a heart by a recipient, ISHLT recommended that an endomyocardial biopsy be used in recipients thought to have an infiltrative cardiomyopathy or inflammation, such as giant cell myocarditis.
Endomyocardial biopsy is not sensitive and is hindered by sampling error.