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 [en″do-me´tre-um] (pl. endome´tria) (Gr.)
the mucous membrane lining the uterus. adj., adj endome´trial.


Plural of endometrium.


Plural of endometrium.
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16,24-26] Therefore, in benign endometria in which levels of c-Kit expression may be lower relative to the carcinomas, antigen retrieval may be necessary to increase the sensitivity of the assay.
No p53 expression was detected in the endometria with proliferation, secretion or hyperplasia either simple without atypia or complex with atypia.
An "endometrial construct" is a simulation of normal endometrium grown by dissociating the epithelial and the connective tissue of endometria grown in culture on the surface of a gel.
In support of a general role for MX in early pregnancy, its expression has been shown in the uterine endometria of sheep (Ott et al.