endolymphatic hydrops

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en·do·lym·phat·ic hy·drops

dilatation of the membranous labrinth of the inner ear, thought to be due to impaired absorption of endolymph in the endolymphatic sac. It is the pathologic finding in Ménière disease. See: Ménière disease.

endolymphatic hydrops

(1) Ménière disease, see there.
(2) A term loosely applied to accumulation of fluids in the membranous labyrinth seen in Ménière disease.

endolymphatic hydrops

Ménière's disease, see there.


Prosper, French physician, 1799-1862.
Ménière disease - characterized by vertigo, nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, and progressive deafness due to swelling of the endolymphatic duct. Synonym(s): auditory vertigo; endolymphatic hydrops; labyrinthine vertigo; Ménière syndrome
Ménière syndrome - Synonym(s): Ménière disease
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The role of endolymphatic hydrops in Meniere's disease has been a topic of much discussion in the otolaryngology literature since it was first described by Hallpike and Cairns in 1938.
a tumor, vascular anomaly, or internal sac disease) can produce symptomatic Meniere's-like disease, likely via the production of endolymphatic hydrops, as has been seen in the guinea pig.
13,14) Yoon et al were able to show that endolymphatic hydrops and otosclerotic obstruction of the vestibular aqueduct can coexist.
In this patient, the resultant hemodynamic alteration occurring in the left jugular bulb may have disturbed the venous drainage of the endolymphatic duct and/or sac, thereby producing endolymphatic hydrops.
The surgery of vertigo: Saccus drainage for idiopathic endolymphatic hydrops.
In particular, a diagnosis of endolymphatic hydrops can be uncertain in those patients who have a history of migraine, aura, and/or features of migraine during vertigo attacks.
who explained the differential diagnoses and the progression of treatment from therapy for endolymphatic hydrops to therapy for migraine-associated vertigo.
0%) a differential diagnosis of endolymphatic hydrops versus migraine-associated vertigo.
Delayed endolymphatic hydrops (DEH) was first reported in 1975 in papers by both Nadol et al [1] and Wolfson and Leiberman.
Schuknecht and Gulya described endolymphatic hydrops in terms of its symptomatic and asymptomatic forms.
1] Although the etiology of Meniere's disease is unknown, its pathology is seen in the inner ear as endolymphatic hydrops.
Repeated inflammatory reactions, such as those seen in patients with allergies, can cause sac dysfunction and lead to endolymphatic hydrops.