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In this context, it is worth noting that the incidence of anacusis following ELS surgery is marginally higher when endolymph is drained from the duct than from the sac.
Austin endolymph dispersement shunt surgery for Meniere's disease.
The minute deflection of less than 1nm causes the influx of potassium ions from the potassium rich endolymph.
This endolymph bathes the hair cells, which results in a change in membrane potential that is proportional to the intensity of the acoustic stimulus (3).
Free-floating endolymph particles: A new operative finding during posterior semicircular canal occlusion.
14) These findings support the concept that any disturbance of longitudinal outflow of endolymph can lead to the development of endolymphatic hydrops and Meniere's symptomatology.
2) Possible etiologies include viral, allergic, genetic, vascular, and nutritional factors; altered glycoprotein metabolism; excessive endolymph production; immune-mediated factors; and combinations of any of the above.
The patient was treated with a repositioning maneuver to move the otolithic material floating in the endolymph into the vestibule.