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Thus, for example, within the core of the Nyungar marriage network shown (Figure 7) are a number of lower-level loci of heightened endogamy.
The geographical or ethnic endogamy can increase inbreeding especially in small groups where there is a greater chance to gather gametes carrying the same genetic information.
2) This implies that even if people do not care at all for marrying within ethnicity, there could be high endogamy rates if the distributions of education vary by ethnicity.
Conversely, endogamy is concentrated among Indigenous couples where the male partner's income is low.
This underscores the way in which endogamy persisted among Mashhadi Jews even after the danger of their crypto-faith becoming known was past.
Portions of the Bible privilege endogamy, marriage within the extended family, while others condemn exogamy, defined here as marriage to non-Israelites.
The author's thesis is that there was a direct relationship between the growth of Venetian convents, and the maintenance of a hereditary ruling class based on endogamy and the consolidation of family fortunes--within the Venetian context of shrinking economic opportunity that led to dowry inflation.
In other South Asian settings, women's autonomy has been linked to education [Jeffery and Basu (1996)], patriarchal structures [Cain (1979)], and marriage endogamy versus exogamy and dowry practices [Dyson and Moore (1983)].
The degree of home town and provincial endogamy for proxy partners was much higher than the equivalent in-marriage rate for Italian born people married in Western Australia between 1945 and 1965.
Thus, the rank and file's identity depende d "partly on administrative recognition and on territoriality, and most of all on a high degree of endogamy and shared culture.
The widespread notion of marital endogamy among coalminers is also shown to be a myth.