endodontic techniques

endodontic techniques,

n.pl procedures used in pulpless teeth or teeth that are to be made pulpless.
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In dilacerated teeth, the accepted basic endodontic techniques must be strictly followed, that is, good preoperative and working radiographs, unobstructed access to the root canal orifice, as direct access as possible to the apical-third of the canal, thorough irrigation and hermetic seal.
A comparative evaluation of non instrumentation endodontic techniques with conventional ZOE pulpectomy in deciduous molars: an in vivo study.
In the evaluation of different endodontic techniques, dye is commonly used for in vitro studies as an indicator of apical leakage, which is illustrated by the dye penetration between the canal walls and the obturating materials.
The text also covers examination methods, diagnosis, outcome, treatment and retreatment principles, and main endodontic techniques.
With all the advances in endodontic techniques, we still lack a perfect system that can render complete eradication of microorganism from the root canal system.
Study of the areas and thicknesses of mesiobucal root canals prepared by three endodontic techniques.
These regenerative endodontic techniques are based on the basic tissue engineering principles already described and include specific consideration of cells, growth factors, and scaffolds.