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Pertaining to the inside structures of the tooth, including the dental pulp and tooth root, and the periapical tissue surrounding the root.
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pertaining to or emanating from the pulp cavity of the tooth.

endodontic file
an instrument used in the débridement of root canals.
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in April 1998 asserting that certain of Moyco's endodontic files violated DENTSPLY's patents on Nickel Titanium ("NiTi") endodontic instruments.
The Moyco Union Broach products include endodontic files, mirrors, waxes and abrasives.
The countersuit alleges that Dentsply and Tulsa Dental, two of the largest suppliers of endodontic files in the industry, have violated the antitrust laws by monopolizing or attempting to monopolize the market for nickel-titanium files used for endodontic treatment.
The countersuit also alleges that Dentsply and Tulsa Dental have interfered with Tycom Dental's customers and have competed unfairly for the sales of endodontic files.
Our immediate objective is to aggressively pursue several significant opportunities to increase sales and earnings by way of our superior manufacturing capabilities related to endodontic files and associated items.
new generations of endodontic files to be used in conjunction with two