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Guidelines for cleaning and preparing endocavitary ultrasound transducers between patients June 2003.
The following exclusion criteria were applied to subjects evaluated for the study: (1) the presence of submucous (grade 1, grade 2) or endocavitary (grade 0) fibroids (according to the European Society of Hys-teroscopy Classification of Submucous Fibroids (Wamsteker et al.
Another series of studies explored extending the utilization of Electronic Brachytherapy with new applications to the treatment of breast and other cancers, including skin and endocavitary cancer.
Researchers from Washington University in St Louis evaluated the ability of Electronic Brachytherapy to serve as an alternative for the treatment of early stage rectal carcinoma in the study, "A New Technique for Endocavitary Radiotherapy: Treatment with an Electronic Brachytherapy Source.
15) The higher SNR afforded by 3T may also facilitate applications such as spectroscopy and might obviate the need for endocavitary surface coils for advanced applications, such as prostate imaging (Figure 25).
Toshiba's newest probes include two endocavitary transducers, a linear array transducer for peripheral vascular and small parts examinations, and a phased array sector transducer for transcranial applications.
6 - endocavitary electrode, bipolar to external stimulation,
First, we used a linear probe, which is easier to use and provides a clearer image than an endocavitary probe which they used.
It has also spurred much research validating eBx use in additional applications, including the treatment of endometrial and endocavitary cancers.
Contract notice: Service of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of five years with a possible two-year extension of the facilities and medical gas distribution networks, technical, endocavitary aspiration and evacuation of gas anesthetics, ready availability and handling cylinders at the hospitals of the hospital of the national survey santobono pausilipon naples cig 58353478ac