endocardial fibrosis

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en·do·car·di·al fi·bro·sis

scarring or collagenosis of the endocardium.


1. situated or occurring within the heart.
2. pertaining to the endocardium.

endocardial cushions
elevations on the atrioventricular canal of the embryonic heart which later help partition the heart. Defective development contributes to several cardiac anomalies, including ventricular septal defect and atrioventricularis communis.
endocardial fibroelastosis
the accumulation of collagen and elastic fibers in the endocardium, together with left ventricular hypertrophy dilatation, is an inherited, primary cardiac anomaly in Burmese cats.
endocardial fibrosis
occurs with cardiac dilatation or hypertrophy. In cats, leads to restrictive cardiomyopathy.
endocardial splitting
a complication of chronic valvular insufficiency and congestive cardiomyopathy in dogs. May be partial or full thickness; can occur on the interatrial septum, producing an acquired septal defect, or elsewhere causing hemopericardium.
endocardial tube
formed from the cardiogenic plate in the developing embryo, this forms the primordium of the truncus arteriosus, the atrium and the ventricles; it is later invested by the myocardium.